The Adventures of the Cuddle Pirate is an exciting new series of children’s books written by Kelly Elsworthy and Illustrated by Becky Dench.

BeeIn each of the books you will travel over land and sea with the Cuddle Pirate and his shipmates, embarking on great adventures and discovering tasty healthy food on the way! But Adventurers Beware! The baddies are always lurking…

The Cuddle Pirate Cuddling PicklesThe Sugar Shark and his gang are junk food baddies. They like drinking fizzy pop and eating sweets, chocolate and crisps. Their mission is to ruin all healthy food the Cuddle Pirate and his crew discover on their journeys by sneakily adding sugar to it.

Will our heroes stop the big bad Sugar Shark and his gang? Let’s hope so!

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