The Fruity Fish

The Fruity Fish

The Jelly Giant - Out Now“The Fruity Fish” is the second book in “The Adventures of the Cuddle Pirate” series.

From the back cover

“The Cuddle Pirate and his crew go on many exciting adventures on both land and sea. They love to eat healthy food and every time little boys and girls eat all their healthy food, the Cuddle Pirate sends them cuddles in their dreams.
However, during each of their adventures they have to face the big bad Sugar Shark and his gang.
The Sugar Shark and his gang only eat and drink unhealthy food such as sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks. They are always trying to spoil the Cuddle Pirate and his crew’s adventures by taking the healthy food and making it bad by adding sugar to it.”

What Our Readers Are Saying

“You deserve every success, you’ve worked so hard. From the moment you showed the children the rough drawings and read the story all those months ago it has sparked their imaginations. I have been told not to drink fizzy drinks or to eat too many sweets or Sugar Shark will get me. I catch them ‘reading’ The Cuddle Pirate story’s to each other in the cosy corner and deciding who’s going to be which character during play. The characters are very accessible and encourage children to explore different foods, often they discuss which characters they are trying at lunch time and who they want to ‘turn into’. The story has inspired all the children no matter what there interests but lets face it, what child doesn’t like pirates, sharks and giants. Congratulations on what will no doubt be a great success and thank you for allowing all my little friends to be involved in inspiring you as you have inspired them.”
Sarah, Pre-school Supervisor, Tiny Tots